Hotels: The city of Orlando has a huge hotel offer. You have many possibilities as regards price. From $50 to $250 per night, there are hotels to suit every budget. Usually, hotels in Orlando tend to have pools due to its constant warm weather.

Staying at a hotel means not worrying about doing the shopping, doing laundry, and cleaning the house; it is quite comfortable and easy for tourists. It is important that you make the reservations in advance: even though it is true there is a great offer, there is a great demand too, especially in the summertime.

Condos: They are very common in Orlando; the furnished apartments are rented per day and are a good option for tourists. Even though it is true it is not as comfortable as a hotel, it is also true that many people do not like having others do things for them or lacking privacy. Condos have more guests because they offer privacy and freedom to those who rent it; they can have visitors over. When somebody goes to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World, they may also be going to visit friends and they may want to have dinner with them at their place.

Timeshares: They are furnished apartments which are not rented but bought just for a period of time. They are condos which are not rented per day but they are partially bought together with other people and, thus, the apartment can be used by a number of days during the year by its owners. Usually, timeshares offer a circuit, and when you buy it you do not buy only time in one tourist destination but you buy, for example, fifteen days in Orlando, fifteen in Paris and fifteen in Mexico D.F.

Hotels within the complex: This is the name of the hotels within the Walt Disney World complex. The great advantage is that, if you stay at these hotels, you do not have to travel much to get to the parks, since you almost live in them. Besides, guests have entrance priority and do not have to wait in order to enter the parks. Staying at these hotels offers discounts on the tickets to the park. The disadvantage is that many people want to stay in them and there is not a great offer. That is the reason why you need to make the reservations in advance to make sure to get a room.

Retired people: Retirees have discounts on the tickets to the park as well as on some accommodations. Find out which places offer some kind of discount of this type; knowing that Florida has a special care for elderly people, this will not be hard to find out.

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