There are two ways to move around the city of Orlando which are comfortable for the traveler by a rented car or by a special means of transport. We will discuss both possibilities and we will state the convenience of each.

Vans: Hiring a transport service to pick you up at your hotel and bring you back from the parks to your place is a very common way to move around the city when you are in a pleasure trip. Using this service, you do not need to worry about driving or finding a parking space you only have to sit down and enjoy the trip to Walt Disney World complex. If you travel by yourself, vans offer a good environment to meet people who will spend the day in the same place.

However, the most used way in Orlando is rented cars. By hiring a rented car, you have the possibility of moving around without minding any schedule and zones you can leave your hotel anytime and come back as you please. Besides, you can visit friends and relatives who live in the city in a comfortable and safe way. In order to rent a car, it is necessary to bear in mind the following things.

Fee: Size determines the price of the rented car the bigger the car, the more expensive it is. The luxury feature of the car comes in second as regards the price fixing. Usually, cars are paid per day or per week and you have to pay half in advance.


  • Credit cards: Many credit cards offer their clients important discounts on renting cars. This usually happens with Gold cards.
  • Membership: Belonging to some club may come in handy to get discounts on the price of the car you want to rent or at least they can offer you a promotion by which, with the same amount of money, you can get a better car. Certainly, if you are a member of a rental car club, you can obtain a lot of benefits.
  • Hotels: Many hotels offer discounts on the car to be rented for their guests.
  • Airline: Find out which airlines have an agreement with the car rental agency which operates in the zone you are going to, since the election of an airline can mean a huge discount on the car price.

Classification: When making the reservations, you do not have to do it taking into account only the category. Every agency classifies its cars differently and it is likely you have an awful surprise if you rent in an agency thinking they have the same classification than the others you have previously rented from. It is important that you see what car it is and the features it has in order to perfectly know what the agency is talking about when they say «standard», «premium», etc.

Taxes: When you make the reservations, always ask for the FINAL price. This is important since, usually, agencies tend to tell you the price plus taxes and you do not realize how much it really is. Besides, many times prices are given separately for each extra thing, the car is more expensive and, that way, it is hard to follow. Therefore, always ask for the final price.

Gas: There are three ways to make a deal with gas:

  1. Taking the car with the tank full and return it in the same conditions. This option is not convenient since you will never get back with the tank completely full and each missing gallon will cost you a lot.
  2. Taking the car with the tank full and pay for the gas at an estimated price as regards the average price in the local market. This option is not convenient since you will never return the car with no gas as not to lose any money.
  3. Taking the car as it is, without knowing how much gas it has. This is not convenient since you will not know how much nor when to fill in.

In short, all options are inconvenient, so be prepared to pay more than expected for your gas and try not to worry too much.

Insurance: The basic insurance is charged since it is mandatory. Some credit cards offer you this insurance though, we must say, it covers very little. The best you can do is talk to the company that insures your car and transfer your car's insurance to the one you rent. Thus, you have a great coverage without the need to pay more.

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