• Subtropical weather, Florida is at 345 feet above sea level. The weather is warm and humid with an average temperature of 90º Fahrenheit 32º Celsius. Usually, weather in Florida is rather good, with frequent rainfalls, but they do not last long. Most people like the air of this southern state and do not complain about the climate in this region. Though rainfalls can discourage you, they will not last long, and you will be able to visit all the parks in Disney unless a storm is coming.
  • The disadvantage of the weather in Florida is its violent hurricanes, which destroy everything that stand on their way. However, weather forecast services are getting better and these storms can be anticipated so you can feel sure.
  • Beaches in Florida are very similar to the ones in the Caribbean: white sand, and warm and mild water. With typical palm trees, the landscape cannot be better. Besides the beaches, Florida has a swampy zone, which extends for 1000 miles, where you will find a great variety of local flora and fauna.

  • The city of Orlando is located in the center of the state, at 75 miles Northeast from Tampa. You can also visit Canaveral Cape and J.F.K. Space Center, which are other places to visit other than Walt Disney World.
  • There are two airports in Orlando: Orlando Stanford International Airport and Orlando International Airport.
  • Florida offers beautiful beaches with tropical nature classical palm trees which are ideal to relax for those who want something more than just Disney's parks. Besides, the swampy zone is 1000 square miles to the South of the Peninsula and has a great variety of local flora and fauna.

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