The Walt Disney World complex is the most visited tourist destination in the world. The great variety of attractions and activities that can be carried out in it makes this complex in Orlando a site which will make people happy, regardless of their age and tastes. First of all, we must clear something out. There is only one Walt Disney World in the world and that is the complex in Orlando; the other parks of Disney in California, Asia and Europe are called Disneyland, and they cannot even be compared, either in size or quality, to the one in the state of Florida. Having cleared this out, we will proceed with the general description of the complex.

Walt Disney World’s area contains 47 square miles ?equivalent to 122 square kilometers? and it is divided into 6 different parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom are the four theme parks of the complex, whereas Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are the two water parks.

Even though the fame of these parks makes Walt Disney World the most visited tourist destination, there are several activities outside them and we will focus on them here, due to the fact that the parks have their own section. Walt Disney World offers great opportunities to spend time outdoors and swim, sail boats, go trekking, cycle, etc. Sports have their place in Disney and not only for you to practice them, but also for you to watch first-class tournaments.

Throughout the complex, we will find a number of typical shops where you can buy beautiful souvenirs for those who stay at home. The classical dolls of Disney are only one of the many objects which represent Disney and that you can buy.

For couples traveling alone or with their kids, or for grown-ups who want to spend some time with their fellows, Disney offers the famous Pleasure Island where you can relax, have drinks and do everything in a magical and grown-up-like environment that only Walt Disney World can combine.

Getting far away from the parks, we find Disney Cruise Line, the cruises service of Walt Disney World. You can go around the Caribbean islands on board a wonderful cruise where thousands of outdoors and indoors activities can be done, which are divided by age or to do with the family. We can include the Broadway-like shows which will fill with magic and charm this placid trip round the Caribbean.

We have already mentioned the night clubs, the impressive theme and water parks, the sport events, the outdoors trips... What else can we ask for? Maybe nothing, but there is more. Walt Disney World is thought to make your holidays a placid and unforgettable time. It wants you to be 100% comfortable; therefore, it offers you international spas to relax after a long day walking. In these relaxation centers you can do exercises according to your vacations, get massages, reflexology, mud baths, aromatherapy and cosmetic treatments. But for people who do not want to be idle all the time, Walt Disney World offers 99-hole professional golf courses where you can play or watch first level tournaments.

Everything you want is in Disney; that is the reason why it is the most visited place in the planet. Take a trip to this wonderful world! Venture to live some unforgettable vacations in a place which is already considered as a historic site.

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