• Walt Disney World is open all year long with a variation in its schedules. Usually, parks open at 9 AM and close from 6 PM to 12 AM, depending on the park and the season of the year. Animal Kingdom is a park which opens and closes earlier due to operative issues. You can find out the schedule of the day at the official website or by phone.
  • From February to August people go to the complex the most. There are fewer visitors to Walt Disney World during January, September, October and November. Among these parameters, it should be pointed out that Tuesdays are the most visited days, and Fridays and Sundays are exactly the opposite.

  • Epcot welcomes more visitors after 4 PM due to its gastronomic offer and night shows. Thus, the other parks start to get empty around that same time.
  • Parades are repeated several times during the day; so if you miss one, do not worry, since another one will start soon enough. Furthermore, you can use the time of the parade to queue for a game which is usually full with people, since during the parades, attractions tend to be less crowded.

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