The parks are the greatest attraction of the complex in Walt Disney World. They are six and are divided into four theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom and two water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Each has its own features and is completely different to the others. In this section we will describe each park, not only for you to know the wonders of Disney World, but also for you to be able to choose the ones to visit in case you can only visit some of them or to decide in which order to visit them. We recommend that you leave MGM for last since it is the park which has a lot of indoors attractions; therefore, if it is a rainy day, you can go there.

Magic Kingdom: It was the first park to be built in the complex and it is its insignia. Here we find Walt Disney World’s castle and, as its name indicates, it is a place filled with magical and fantastic beings. Walking around Magic Kingdom you will find many Disney movies’ characters and you will be able to interact with them, go to their houses and take pictures with them. The park is divided into 7 fantasy countries with their own identity. When we talk about games and attractions, Magic Kingdom is the first one on the list here you have most of the games and it is the park that resembles the most a traditional amusement park though, obviously, it is endlessly superior. The most famous games of the park are Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Furthermore, there are millions of outdoors shows within which there are traditional parades and carriages. In MGM, we will feel inside a movie, with actors and explosions, just like in Magic Kingdom we will feel inside an animated movie filled with funny characters. If we think of children, this place is ideal for them, since this is the park that children like the most, because they are in direct contact with their favorite characters, they can play with them, hug them, and spend the whole day surrounded by magic and adventures. Nonetheless, Magic Kingdom is an entertaining place for grown-ups since it has several dizzy games and striking attractions which will captivate you. We all like magic and we know some of us have used our kids as an excuse to visit the magical world of Walt Disney World.

Epcot Center: It was the second park to be built in the complex. Epcot is worldwide known by its gigantic globe. The concept of this park is pedagogic. Even though there are many games, most of them and most of its attractions are related to teaching something as opposed to entertain. The park is divided into two worlds Future World and World Showcase. In the first one, all the technological attractions are located, such as simulators, robots, virtual reality, etc. The idea is to relate people with the current and future technological world. In the second one, World Showcase, the idea is to offer a multicultural experience based on restaurants of local meals of different countries, such as Canada, Great Britain, France, Japan, Morocco, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico. This cosmopolitan tour offers a vision of the most important cultures of the world that is the reason why the park is identified with the globe. As opposed to the other parks, Epcot Center receives more visitors at night, from 4 pm, when people go there to eat in one of the traditional restaurants and to watch the fascinating firework show called IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. Epcot can be boring for small kids but it will be very interesting for bigger children and grown-ups all its technological display and night attractions positively shock if the visitor is not expecting a park similar to Magic Kingdom. This is not an amusement park but a park which aims at inculcating the knowledge and closeness to the most interesting and possible striking technological advances.

MGM: This park was built after Epcot Center. MGM is a park-set where there are attractions, shows and real filming sets. Obviously, the concept of this park is a cinematographic one and all the games, attractions and shows are related to the seventh art. Live shows are really impressive, the action lived while you watch them will thrill you, the explosions produce heat waves which will impact on your face, and the shootings will make you throw yourself on the floor. Among these games, we can find the famous show of Indiana Jones, "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" where adrenaline increases until the moment when the main actor is chased by a huge rock. In this park most attractions are shows; nonetheless, there are also games. Besides, in MGM there is one of the most famous games of the complex The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. This amazing game consists of going up a big elevator together with other people, until hitting the thirteenth floor of an old Hollywood building. When in this floor, one of the sides of the elevator opens and you can see a wonderful sight of the park, but, suddenly, the window is closed, lights are out and the elevator falls down the thirteen floors, while the screams and adrenaline of the visitors increase. As we have mentioned, MGM is a park to leave for last so, if it is a rainy day, and you cannot visit another park with outdoors attractions, you can go there instead.

Animal Kingdom: This is the newest park in the complex and it is the biggest. Animal Kingdom is divided into three zones the Real Zone, the Imaginary Zone and the Extinction Zone. The first one has real animals which are surrounded by their natural habitats. The attractive feature of this zone is that you can do a safari going through each habitat according to their wild inhabitants. It is more than obvious that the safari only consists in taking pictures and under no circumstances is it allowed to hunt, shoot or try to harm any animal the animals’ welfare depends exclusively on Walt Disney World. The second one is a fantasy world with imaginary beings. In this tour, we run across famous fantasy beings or not so famous ones which will captivate or shock us. The third one is the zone devoted to dinosaurs and their extinction; gigantic beasts and huge meteorites are the fantastic scenery of this region. Besides the zones of Animal Kingdom, this park presents a great number of attractions dedicated to the always famous animals of Disney movies. And finally, one of the nicest things of the park: Discovery Island. It is an island where grown-ups and children have the possibility of finding themselves face to face with friendly wild animals, which they can photograph or even touch. Discovery Island is a beautiful place for the smallest ones, where they can be with great Galapagos tortoises, lemurs and friendly titi monkeys.

Typhoon Lagoon: This is one of the water parks in Walt Disney World. The concept of Typhoon Lagoon is to plunge into the tropical landscape. This park has a 1-hectare pool in the middle of it where you can play and surf since it creates the most extraordinary artificial waves. It has 9 water slides which are amazing, and various ways to reach speed and plunge into water looking for greater fun. Humunga Kiwabunga is a great attraction: it is a ship stranded on the top of a frozen volcano. From there, you can slide through the three slides which make us go down the equivalent of 5 floors in seconds. Florida is a very sunny state almost all year long and, therefore, this park is an interesting and very refreshing alternative. People who love water and pools cannot miss going to this amazing place where Disney makes magic with water. Ketchakiddee Creek is the place for kids, a miniature aquatic attraction which offers kids a place to play with water, and then throw themselves on the sand and make funny figures with it. For grown-ups to relax, they have Sandy White Beach, where you can relax and spend a beautiful Caribbean moment drinking some fruit beverage. Due to all this, Typhoon Lagoon is an incredible place to relax and refresh, and to spend a great time playing in the water.

Blizzard Beach: It is the newest and biggest water park in the complex. The concept of this park is not plunging into, as it is the case with Typhoon Lagoon, but sliding. Blizzard Beach is not a relax park as the previous one, since speed and fun are first. Sliding through any slide or floats we find everywhere, we cannot stop having fun and sliding from one attraction to the other. Most attractions of this park use floats to achieve greater sliding speeds. There is no so much water in Blizzard Beach as in Typhoon Lagoon since in this place water is used to slide on it and not to plunge into it. One of the most famous attractions of Blizzard Beach is Mount Gushmore, a 28-meter slide which takes us to the snowy center of a huge mountain. In order to get to the center of the mount, we must go through fast and fun ups, downs and curves. Sliding everywhere and diving into the pools which are at the end, Blizzard Beach will leave you exhausted, happy and eager to come back. It is convenient to visit one of the water parks as soon as the weather lets you; do not miss the chance since, if you travel for a short period of time to Orlando and miss a sunny day, you may not visit Walt Disney World’s water parks and that would be a shame.

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